Jazmine Jones

After an injury to her knee in fourth grade, and tons of physical therapy to help restore her ability to walk normally, Jazmine knew that she was destined to help other people do the same thing. She found a passion to help people learn how massage therapy improves their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual quality of life. She graduated with a Degree in Exercise Science from Lander University and later completed the 600 hour Clinical Massage Therapy program at Midlands Technical College in 2022. She is especially adept at combining Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy to help relieve tension and pain. She is an incredibly intuitive therapist and works to customize every session based on her clients needs, while focusing on areas that are typically hypertonic, like the head and neck. She is also currently earning her certification as a Manual Lymphatic Therapist, and will finish that certification this year. She says, “It is an honor to be a vessel of healing. My goal and prayer is for every patient I come in contact with to leave better than they came.”

I have been a client of Erin’s for a little over a year. She’s amazing at what she does and stays on top of me, reminding me to take care of myself and book another massage. My back seized up once because of traveling and she was able to get me in right away to help me. I would highly recommend her!
Chris Petty