Massage Cupping

Professional Massage Cupping
Have muscle tension or poor circulation? Massage cupping can help.

Massage cupping can help ease various uncomfortable conditions, from muscle aches to digestive issues. Cupping is popular in eastern medicine, and offers a relaxing and soothing experience using suction.

What Is Massage Cupping? 

If you were to walk in on a massage cupping treatment unprepared, you might be taken aback by what you saw. In this ancient, yet “new” massage modality, your therapist applies a warmed cup to your skin to create suction. The cups remain in place for a few minutes, then are released and removed. It’s common to experience surface bruising or discoloration for a few days afterward. But these effects are short-lived and completely normal.

It’s always a good idea to seek out a massage therapist who is certified and experienced in any modality. This is especially true with cupping. If you are pregnant, have thin or fragile skin, or take a blood-thinning medication, be sure to ask your doctor whether cupping is safe for you.

Cupping offers many benefits, well worth the temporary tell-tale circle marks this modality leaves behind. From increased circulation to release of toxins and more, this form of massage may soon become your favorite. You can schedule a cupping-only massage or request cupping as an add-on service with other types of massage. There’s nothing quite like it! Book your appointment today.

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