Sports Massage

Before the big event – or afterward, athletes who get sports massages know the secret to peak performance and speedy recovery.

Of course, you don’t have to be a serious athlete to benefit from having a sports massage. This form of massage focuses on injury prevention and rapid healing. Your tendons and muscles endure a lot on a daily basis, whether you’re playing sports or not.

What Is a Sports Massage?

Have you pulled a muscle? Hurt your knee running? Done a number on your elbow or shoulder? Whether you hurt yourself at the gym, on the field, or just going about your everyday life, you can find relief in this focused form of massage. While almost everyone benefits from a whole-body massage, this is massage with a specific mission.

Our clients book this kind of massage before a sporting event, an hour or two afterward, during training, or after a sports injury. While sports massages typically involve a combination of Swedish massage, trigger point massage, and myofascial release techniques, every client’s needs are unique. We’ll talk with you beforehand to find out what’s going to work best for you.

You’ll want to plan for a rest day or two following your sports massage. This is a deep form massage. The healing effects can last a while if you don’t further aggravate an injury by diving right back into strenuous exercise. Book your massage now. Your body will thank you.

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Erin does great work! She maintains privacy while providing the best massage experience possible. Very knowledgable!
Lacy Carter