Trigger Point Myotherapy

Your body’s trying its hardest to keep you going in spite of that pain. Trigger point myotherapy gets to the root and lets the healing begin.

“All I did was sneeze and now my shoulder is killing me.” If you remember back to elementary school, you can probably still hear the song about “the back bone’s connected to the neck bone.” Your muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments all work together to keep you upright, mobile, and pain-free. But sometimes, there’s a glitch in the system and one pain leads to another. Trigger point myotherapy can end the cycle.

What Is Trigger Point Myotherapy?

Our bodies are pretty smart. Strain one muscle, and the others it connects to will work hard to compensate for their neighbor’s weakness. While this kind of cooperation shows off a beautiful design, it can also lead to a real pain in the neck – or anywhere else a trigger point redirects the strain.

Also known as neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy can help find and release the source of “referred” pain. This form of massage therapy requires a thorough understanding of the muscular system and how to zero in on the cause of “mysterious” pains. But it’s not just about relieving pain.

Trigger points can also cause sensations of tightness, headaches, numbness, weakness, sciatica, and restricted movement. Releasing contracted muscle tissue in one area can bring tremendous relief of symptoms in other areas. While neuromuscular therapy can feel intense in the moment, as soon as the trigger points release, you’ll remember what it felt like to be free from pain.

We’ll begin with an individual consultation to learn exactly where it hurts, and what may have caused your trigger point in the first place. Then, your therapist will apply just the right amount of pressure to coax your muscles to relax. As your muscles release their knots, we’ll help them limber up and move through their full range of motion, restoring your mobility. Schedule your session today, and say farewell to the pain of muscle constriction.


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I have been a client of Erin’s for a little over a year. She’s amazing at what she does and stays on top of me, reminding me to take care of myself and book another massage. My back seized up once because of traveling and she was able to get me in right away to help me. I would highly recommend her!
Chris Petty