Heather Wilder

Heather Wilder has been a licensed massage and Wellness Therapist for 16 years. She holds advanced certifications in Medical Massage, Pain Management and assessment, Lomi Lomi, Oncology and Hot Stone Therapies, (Just to name few).

She has been providing Massage Therapy Services to Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, and now South Carolina.
During that time, her customized therapies have helped people achieve relaxation, lose weight, and relieve their pain from injuries, with stress management, pain and physical relief from car accidents, and body discomfort. Being a cancer survivor herself She stresses the importance of promoting a whole-body wellness experience to each unique client.

Heather holds over 1300 hours of training and is trained in multiple massage modalities that she practices this includes Medical Masssage, oncology massage, Orthopedic massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage, Cranial therapy, Table Thai, and PreNatal massage.

Heather believes wholeheartedly in the science and the power of touch. She emphasizes the importance of massage when it comes to the tri-fecta of whole-body wellness, understanding the process of holistic healing and reduction of pain truly can start to heal the body. Seeing her clients from a holistic standpoint not only addresses the physical aspects of healing but also the therapeutic effects on a person’s mental health and spirituality.

Heather is married to a retired veteran, they have 6 kids, 4 grandchildren, and 2 goofy golden doodles.

Erin is amazing at what she does. She is very thorough and truly cares about her clients' health. Highly recommended.
Jessica Stein